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Landing Page Optimization

Ensures that every visit generated by your PPC ad campaign will have higher chances of conversion.

Landing Page Optimization Reduces Advertising Cost

Optimized landing pages can help you get more conversions without spending extra advertising costs. The savings you gain from LPO can be invested in other campaigns helping you expand your reach for new keywords and new customers.

Obstacles on your landing page could be preventing more people from converting. A standard audit of your landing page will identify these potential obstacles. Once identified, we can fix what's standing in your way of more profits.By performing even the most basic landing page optimization techniques, you will gain a better foundation for the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

A Complete Landing Page Analysis

Want more than a standard audit? Expert digital marketing can provide a complete landing page analysis that will include design recommendations, ideas for expanding your content marketing strategies, and a plan that is guaranteed to support all of your business needs. This in-depth analysis allows the experts at Optimum Clix to define specific goals for your optimization efforts. These goals will play an important role in your personalized marketing campaigns.

Effective Web Development Solutions

At Optimum Clix, our marketing expertise combined with cutting edge technology and design will allow us to create landing page experiences for your audiences that will convert more visitors and generate more revenue for your bottom line. Our strategies maximize the power of your search strategy for longer lasting optimized results.

We provide full service custom landing page optimization solutions. We’ve worked on thousands of landing pages creating thousands of visitor experiences to help B2B and B2C clients win a competitive advantage. We address unique audience segments from a variety of traffic sources to meet and exceed business objectives for your brand considerations.

A Partner You Can Count On

For all of our landing page optimization clients, we work as an extension of your team. We want partnerships that are win-win for both our clients and our experts. We focus on working with companies where we can make a substantial impact on your overall business – increasing conversions by 20% or more within our first two rounds of testing your landing pages.

New clients typically see an increase of 30% with no loss in overall lead quality.

Effective Web Development Solutions

6 Landing Page Basics Every Web Page Must Have

Every landing page has a set of basic elements it must have in order to be effective. Without these elements you risk losing traffic that comes to your page and quickly leaves without converting. Here are the landing page basics you must have:

Unique Value Proposition

Value proposition is a clear statement that tells your customers why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation).

Real Photos. Real People

People can identify stock photos quickly, and tests show site visitors pay more attention to real photos.

Benefits of Your Offering

Your visitors are constantly thinking WIIFM (what’s in it for me). When listing benefits always be prepared for this question and answer it in every line of copy, because failing to do so will cost you countless conversions.

Social Proof / Testimonials

Research shows that people trust testimonials. More than 90% of people follow peer recommendations. 7 in 10 individuals will even follow the recommendation of a complete stranger.

Call to Action (CTA)

Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do on your landing page. A strong call to action should be visually striking with copy that compels a visitor to click the offer. A couple of words is best – no more than 5 words is ideal. Your CTA should be located in an easy-to-find position on your page that follows the organic flow of the page.

Efficient Design and Reporting

Right from the start, we constantly crunch the numbers to see the results of landing page changes and to make adjustments and improvements accordingly. Plus, you get to see measurable results and KPIs that actually matter, rather than spreadsheet and spreadsheet of useless data.


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